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The server that used to house this blog has died. I'm sorry not all the links work. It does give you a general idea of what we do, along with a ton of other things. If you see anything you like on here please email me at Thanks!


Here's a few pics sent in by happy customers. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom!

We used pictures and words so that even little non-readers can still make it to the garbage!

This turned out SO good! I just LOVE it!

Cub Scout gifts for any occasion

Teacher Appreciation Day or End of the Year Gift idea.....can be any color you want!

Change the name to your teacher.....of course :O)

Cub Scout Leader Award (also comes in Boy Scout Colors)

The cutest laundry room!

Relief Society sister gift

2010 YW Theme (as seen on Sugardoodle)

2010 YW Theme

Valentine Door

6 B's

6 B's

Custom design photography and frame made by me!

Vinyl design

Vinyl and frame made by me!

My Christmas door! Everyone loved this one!

Thanksgiving door

Charity quote

Welcome door and house numbers (on plates!)
Very creative people!

Each frame is painted black with just a touch of distressing.

I made this frame for my sister-in-law. It's for her husbands grandmother at different stages of her life. The vinyl says "Thou are an elect lady..." The bottom vinyl is the D & C reference.

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