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The server that used to house this blog has died. I'm sorry not all the links work. It does give you a general idea of what we do, along with a ton of other things. If you see anything you like on here please email me at Thanks!


Pricing couldn't get any easier than this!

Each letter is only $10.00.

You can have anywhere from 1 to 11 letters. They are 4x6 and all my own google images here!

To determine your price simply multiply how many letters you want by 10. For example if your name is Smith then your frame is only $50.00. This includes the frame! Comes ready to hang!

If you are having your frame shipped then I will e-mail you with your exact shipping charges. I ship using UPS.

E-mail me for pricing.....I have the best prices you've ever seen!

Payment options:
Cash is always nice but I also accept payment through Pay Pal.

Please e-mail me with any questions at

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